Video tutorials

Creating new system

Step by step instructions on how to create new system.

New System Setup

Step by step instructions on how to edit new system SETUP.


  • general (start 0.12 min)
  • details (start 0.37 min)
  • scheme (start 1.38 min)
  • channels (start 7.00 min)

Basic Overview (ENG)

Presenting: Gorazd Bregar


  • introduction (start 0.00 min)
  • basic overview of dashboard (start 7.04 min)
  • system overview (start 26:40 min)
  • assessment overview (start 51.00 min)
  • monitoring overview (start 55.55 min)
  • asset management overview (start 1h 8.12 min)


P&I Diagram

Calibrating ultrasound detectors

Export data

Monthly energy report

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