5 Key Compressed air system improvements

CALMS –> one platform to cover it all Measure it – A big indicator of the efficiency and effectiveness of your compressed air system comes in the form of measurement – and specifically, taking a baseline so that you can understand where you are and how well your system is meeting your organization’s needs.

Control system hints

Control system hints Controlling multiple rotary screw compressors gets more complicated as the number of system compressors increases. In systems with three compressors or fewer, adequate control can often be accomplished with coordinated pressure bands and load/unload and/or variable drive (VSD or VFD) compressor control.

Checklist for Energy Efficiency in Compressed Air System

Compressed air leakage of 30 – 40 percent is not uncommon. Carry out periodic leak tests to estimate the quantity of leakage. Reduce compressor delivery pressure, wherever possible, to save energy.

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