My account

You can find user settings in top right corner user icon or in the sidebar menu under “My account”. Here you can set your account data, do language settings and unit selections, notifications, password changes and phone text message setup.

Under My account you can find three pages: Settings, Account, Notifications


General settings:

Locale language and date format selection.

Favorite page selection

Display unit selection (predefined profiles or custom unit selection)

Units can be changed any time durig analysis , channel values are automaticaly calculated. All data are stored in standard SI units.

Favorite page

In order to enhance your user experience, our application allows you to select one of the following most important pages as your ‘Favorite’. This feature gives you direct access to the page you use most frequently or find most useful. This setting is tied to your personal user account and will be used when you visit any system.

Pages that can be favorites: Dashboard, SCADA, Results, Documents, Alert logs.

How to Set a Favorite Page

  1. Navigate to your account user settings where you will see the Favorite page option.
  2. Here, you will find a list of mentioned pages to choose from.
  3. To set a page as your favorite, select it from the list and save your changes.
  4. Now when you navigate to any system you will be redirected to that page.

What Happens When You Set a Favorite Page?

When you set a Favorite page, each time you navigate to your system (’/system/:id’), you’ll be automatically redirected to your Favorite page. This allows for quicker access to the content you care most about.

If you’ve set a page other than the Dashboard as your favorite, a modal will pop up informing you of the benefits of keeping the Dashboard as your favorite page. The Dashboard is designed to give a holistic view of your compressed air management system, with insights from our 5-step management plan. While we encourage you to keep the Dashboard as your favorite, the choice is ultimately yours.

Changing Your Favorite Page

You can change your Favorite page at any time. Simply follow the steps outlined above on a different page. You can also revert your favorite back to the Dashboard at any time.

Remember, setting a favorite page is about personalizing your experience to best suit your needs. It’s one of the ways we strive to make managing your compressed air systems more efficient and user-friendly.


You can change Display name, change password and contact email and mobile number for text massages.


Notification page is used to turn on/off all notifications linked to (Announcements, Dashboard actions, System Channels alerts) for Email, SMS or Application notification)

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