SCADA, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, is a crucial technology used in various industries, including  compressed air and energy management. It’s like the central  system for monitoring and controlling complex processes. SCADA systems gather data from sensors and equipment, allowing operators to monitor, analyze, and control these processes in near or real-time. 

It provides a user-friendly interface to track air pressure, temperature, flow rates, compressor power and other relevant parameters.

SCADA in CALMS platform is remote service that collects data near real-time (5-10 sec in live mode). All components are active and will pop-up more detail information about each component.

SCADA must be designed in Setup / Equipment page on PI&D diagram tool. For each equipment you can upload a real image of the equipment and set as : Set image as background , which will replace symbols with images on SCADA.

SCADA View in CALMS has 4 main parts

  1. Select Live mode, fancy and normal view and Dashboard link
  2. Main System indicators  last value and link to result page with trends
  3. SCADA diagram view with all equipment and sensors with last values and status color
  4. Alert and warnings

SCADA fancy view

SCADA normal view:

SCADA custom image view:

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