Result page is the main overview page for channels that are tagged as key performance indicators (KPI) and system channels. CALMS is aligned with the requirements of standard ISO 50006, Energy management systems — Measuring energy performance using energy baselines and energy performance indicators (KPI) — General principles and guidance, adapted for compressed air system.

Channels can be selected on the right side where you can see also target value vs. channel value and difference with savings potential valid for selected Reporting period ( week, month, year, all times data).

All values on the result page are aggregated values as selected under Baseline period which is set to 1 month. User can select different baseline on Result page for comparing different periods (hour, day, week, month, year).

Baseline period is specific period of time during which calculated or collected data will be used for comparison with the data collected and calculated during the reporting period.

Notes: Baseline period is used for comparing energy performance:

  1. Energy baseline reflects a specific period of time.
  2. Energy baseline may be normalized using variables that affect energy use and or consumption. Examples: production level, operating hours, etc.
  3. An energy baseline may also be used for calculation of energy savings, as a reference for before and after implementation of energy performance improvement actions.

CALMS is designed as complete system management with key performance indicators focus on reliability, training, financials, sustainability and control.

System performance

Under System performance CALMS will show trend graph for selected KPI channel with aggregated values based on baseline period and compare it with target line.

History data can be seen if you move left on the plot for selected period.

Forecast data can be seen with light colour if you press right arow to move into the future for selected time period. Forecast data can be used for CO2 and energy consumption forecast to authority or energy providers for better trading conditions.

Plots can be downloaded or exported to CSV files with buttons on the right top position.

On this page energy manager can also enter manual data for some channels like production ..


Get Insights into Compressed Air

Insights help you understand how your system compares with other systems in your class range.

When you use Insights, CALMS will show you suggestions to help you reach your goals, and you can see how you compare to the CALMS and Towards Zero community.

CALMS uses your uploaded system measurements data to provide Insights to you as statistical data, but your personal data is never shared with others.

If you choose not to contribute your uploaded data to Insights, the feature will be turned off, comparisons will be disabled and your existing Insights will be deleted.

For each selected KPI channel you will get Gaussian distribution based on statistical data for similar systems.

Your system stats are refreshed daily and may not appear immediately after syncing.

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