Report templates


Report templates are a predefined selection of section. You can choose one by clicking on the report template picker, navigating to the correct category and confirming.

Templates are organized by categories, similar to CALMS five steps:

Review templates

Interview report

The interview report is used to show the initial stages of a review and the newly created and filled out system.

Review report

The review report template is used to show the completed review and its estimated potential savings.

Waste templates

Waste survey report

The waste survey report template is used to show all surveyed wastes in the system, the cost benefit for those wastes and a basic overview of the system and review. It also displays all waste images.

Waste repair report

The waste survey report template is used to show all wastes in the system, broken down by type and status, and remaining waste potential savings.

Waste material inquiry report

TODO: deprecated, had the aspiration to show all materials you need to perform repairs.

Waste repair guide

The waste repair guide template includes the waste repair guide section that displays all surveyed but not repaired yet wastes, with their recorded location and image. It is used to easily generate a repair guide report.

Audit templates

Basic audit energy report

Measurements table

Advanced audit energy report

Monitoring templates

  • Weekly energy report

  • Monthly energy report

  • Yearly energy report

All monitoring templates take form of an energy report. By selecting a different template some sections change, the time period is adjusted to fit into either a week, month or a year and auto-generation is set up appropriately (weekly, monthly, yearly).

Asset templates

Compressor report

The compressor report template is used to show a brief overview of compressors defined in the system and their performance.

Compressed air system TCO simulation

The compressed air system TCO simulation template is used to provide information about the total cost of ownership of the system.

Custom templates

CALMS allows for custom templates. To create a custom template, assemble a new report by choosing sections, or by adjusting an existing template. Next to the create report button, there is a save as template button. To save a template you must name it. Each user has their own custom templates. To apply a custom templates, choose the report template picker and select your template under the custom tab.

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