The system dashboard is a page for each individual system with the most important information about the system with direct links to more detailed pages:

  • System improvement opportunity cards by 5 steps under Assessment, Training, Audit, permanent monitoring and asset management
  • Key performance indicators link to Reliability, Financials and Sustainability results
  • Compressed air system Energy label based on system review
  • System operation (Isentropic efficiency and specific power) link to monitoring
  • System health link to Connectivity, Alerts, Maintenance
  • System diagram link to SCADA view
  • Customer selected indicators and targets - link to result page
  • Guidance

CALMS compressed air optimization platform, has taken a whole new approach to improve the reliability, financials and sustainability of compressed air systems. The 5-step approach systematically identifies potential savings and leads steps by step towards energy and sustainability excellence with improvements opportunity cards.

System dashboard

Improvement opportunity card

Each improvement opportunity card will contain current situation and opportunity description, links to resources, expert and resolve link and three main KPIs (Reliability, Financial, Sustainability) with savings opportunity and interval. Values are based on statistical data and calculations with 95% confidence interval.

Disclaimer: Final solution must be verified by CA expert.

KPIs are calculated in % so that we can compare different systems and use united colour code

Reliability score



Energy label

Energy labels:

  • rank your system(based on your assessment you did) on a scale from A to G according to how much energy your system consume and how much your system is reliable and efficient
  • help users save money by doing assessments every year
  • can encourage companies to be more energy efficient and reduce carbon footprint

Class A (green) system consume the least energy – making them the most energy‑efficient. Class G (red) system consume the most energy.

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