Edge Device Manual

Operator’s Manual

CALMS EDGE Device Manual

REV.   : 2020.1.0.2

DATE  : July 2020

Online application         : https://app.calms.com

Contact                         : info@calms.com

Before installing, starting or using this unit for the first time, this manual should be studied carefully to obtain a working knowledge of the unit and or the duties to be performed while operating and maintaining unit.

PRINT AND RETAIN THIS MANUAL WITH UNIT. This technical manual contains IMPORTANT  SAFETY DATA and should be kept with the unit.


Before starting up the device please read this manual in full and carefully observe instructions stated. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for any damage which occurs as a result of non-observance or non-compliance with this manual.

The CALMS CAL-EDGE-X  (X stands for 0 or 8, where number represents number of integrated analog inputs) is a highly sophisticated and affordable remote data logger for compressed air systems. Device connects directly to CALMS web application which provides real time access to data from any web browser for any end user and their service partner.


  • The easiest and cheapest solution for doing air audit online with independent experts
  • Shows where to save on energy costs
  • Helps improve your energy efficiency
  • Save your time and improve the organization
  • Calculates costs in relation to actual consumption
  • Increases the reliability of your equipment
  • Creates forecast of energy consumption
  • Increases your environmental image
  • Improves the investment process (energy equipment)


  • Plug & Play device, remote monitoring/alarming/reporting and air auditing, designed for compressed air systems
  • WEB based application for total air management ties CALMS monitoring together with CALMS leak management
  • Datalogger for compressed air system provides readings for web based detailed analysis and simulation tools
  • Energy management tools – Specific power, M/T, CUSUM analysis
  • Detailed analysis of compressed air system with auto generated reporting, warning  of poor efficiency with potential savings calculation compared to best in class efficiency from CALMS knowledge database
  • SIMULATION module integrated
  • Compressed Air Performance Scorecards
  • Expandable
  • Secure internet connection between device and CALMS web application
  • Multiple data export options (CSV,  XML), and easy online printing
  • Automated monthly reports send by email
  • Alarms & Warnings email or SMS notification including analysis data
  • Multiple access for end users and experienced CA service providers
  • Remote software upgrade capability
  • LTE cellular modem
  • No need for local operator panels – access from anywhere with tablet or smartphone
  • Robust industrial design

WARNING: Risk of Danger

WARNING: Risk of Electric Shock

WARNING: Consult Manual

  • Before installing or operating the CALMS CAL-EDGE-X , take time to carefully read all the instructions contained in this manual, all compressor manuals, and all manuals of any other peripheral devices that may be installed or connected to the unit.
  • Electricity and compressed air have the potential to cause severe personal injury or property damage.
  • The operator should use common sense and good working practices while operating and maintaining this system. All applicable codes should be strictly adhered to.
  • Maintenance must be performed by adequately qualified personnel that are equipped with the proper tools.


  • Installation work must only be carried out by a competent person under qualified supervision.
  • A fused isolation switch must be fitted between the main power supply and the CALMS CAL-EDGE-X .
  • The CALMS CAL-EDGE-X should be mounted in such a location as to allow operational and maintenance access without obstruction or hazard and to allow clear visibility of indicators at all times.
  • If raised platforms are required to provide access to the CALMS CAL-EDGE-X they must not interfere with normal operation or obstruct access. Platforms and stairs should be of grid or plate construction with safety rails on all open sides.


  • The CALMS CAL-EDGE-Xmust only be operated by competent personnel under qualified supervision.
  • Never remove or tamper with safety devices, guards or insulation materials fitted to the CALMS CAL-EDGE-X .
  • The CALMS CAL-EDGE-X must only be operated at the supply voltage and frequency for which it is designed.
  • When main power is switched on, lethal voltages are present in the electrical circuits and extreme caution must be exercised whenever it is necessary to carry out any work on the unit.
  • Do not open access panels or touch electrical components while voltage is applied unless it is necessary for measurements, tests or adjustments. Such work should be carried out only by a qualified electrician equipped with the correct tools and wearing appropriate protection against electrical hazards.

Maintenance and repair

  • Maintenance, repairs or modifications must only be carried out by competent personnel under qualified supervision.
  • If replacement parts are required use only genuine parts from the original equipment manufacturer, or an alternative approved source.
  • Carry out the following operations before opening or removing any access panels or carrying out any work on the CALMS CAL-EDGE-X :
    • Isolate the CALMS CAL-EDGE-X from the main electrical power supply.
    • Lock the isolator in the ‘OFF’ position and remove the fuses.
    • Attach a label to the isolator switch and to the unit stating ‘WORK IN PROGRESS - DO NOT APPLY VOLTAGE’. Do not switch on electrical power or attempt to start the CALMS CAL-EDGE-X  if such a warning label is attached.
  • Make sure that all instructions concerning operation and maintenance are strictly followed and that the complete unit, with all accessories and safety devices, is kept in good working order.
  • The accuracy of sensor devices must be checked on a regular basis. They must be calibrated when acceptable tolerances are exceeded. Always ensure any pressure within the compressed air system is safely vented to atmosphere before attempting to remove or install a sensor device.
  • The CALMS CAL-EDGE-X must only be cleaned with a damp cloth, using mild detergents if necessary. Avoid the use of any substances containing corrosive acids or alkalis.
  • Do not paint the control faceplate or obscure any indicators, controls, instructions or warnings.

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Quad core Cortex-A53 (ARM v7) 64-bit SoC @ 1.5GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM

Quad core Cortex-A53 (ARM v7) 64-bit SoC @ 1.5GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM





1x 10/100 Ethernet adapter

2x USB 2.0

1x 10/100 Ethernet adapter

Analog Inputs




Passive or active connection with internal 24Vdc, 12bit resolution, with standard connectors

RS 485

Standard: 1x, optional expandable

Standard: 1x, optional expandable

2-wire RS485

WEB management



Logging Interval

5 sec (configurable)

5 sec (configurable)

CS to CALMS web upload interval

5 min (configurable)

5 min (configurable)

Data Storage



Cloud connection



Operating Range

0 – 50 C  (32 F – 131 F)

0 – 50 C  (32 F – 131 F)

Power supply

9-24Vdc (power adapter included)

24Vdc (power adapter included)

Recommended: 50W. Depends on sensor usage

Cellular modem



Depends on network coverage

Antenna interface

Standard SMA interface-antenna included

Standard SMA interface-antenna included


H 32 x W 125 x L 160 mm

H 1,26 x W 4,92 x L 6,30 Inches

H 52 x W 125 x L 220 mm

H 2,05 x W 4,92 x L 8,66 Inches


Enclosure: Aluminium

Enclosure: Aluminium


DIN rail or wall mounting

DIN rail or wall mounting


EN 61000-6-2/EN 61000-6-4

EN 61000-6-2/EN 61000-6-4

IP rating






Installation overview

CALMS – Compressed Air Energy Management System – Process Diagram


It is recommended that installation and commissioning be carried out by an authorized and trained product supplier.

Unit location

The CALMS CAL-EDGE-X  can be mounted on a wall or on DIN rail (DIN rail accessory must be ordered separately). The CALMS CAL-EDGE-X  can be located remotely from the compressors and other connected equipment. Do not install device in highly dusty environment.

Pressure sensor mounting location

The system pressure sensor (P) must be located where it will see the air pressure that is common to all of the compressors. It can be

installed in a receiver tank or in a common discharge air header, as long as either one serves all the sequenced compressors installed. In either location, mount the transducer with a drip leg (recommended) and isolation valve to allow for easier installation, calibration and repairs.

Figure 2: Two options (A and B) of pressure transmitter mounting location

Wet and dry side pressure sensor mounting location

If you want to make a complete audit install two pressure transmitters: one located on the wet side and one on the dry side. Dry side pressure will be lower than the wet side pressure due to pressure differential losses across air treatment equipment. The nominal system pressure will reduce as the air treatment differential pressure increases.

Figure 3: Supply (wet) side pressure location

Figure 4: Demand (dry) side pressure location

Ensure each compressor is equipped with independent excess pressure shutdown. An increase in pressure differential across air treatment equipment can result in excess compressor discharge pressure.

Regular routine monitoring of pressure differential across air treatment equipment is recommended. You can obtain this with permanent monitoring of your pressure differential across air treatment equipment.

Terminals description

In this section is discussed what are the terminals of the CAL-EDGE-X device.

CAL-EDGE-0 front side

Figure 5: CAL-EDGE-0 (front side)

  • LAN: LAN port is used to connect CAL-EDGE-0 device to any other TCP/IP protocol capable device (MODBUS, ADS, OPC UA,…). This port is also used to connect device on internet when communication through mobile network is not working.

NOTE: If we want to connect device to internet through LAN port, a DHCP server must be installed in the network;

NOTE: Device is in normal condition when STATUS LED is orange;

NOTE: Be careful when wiring sensors to device. Improper connection may lead to device damage;

CAL-EDGE-0 rear side

Figure 6: CAL-EDGE-0 (rear side)

NOTE: Mount antenna on the place with best signal reception possible;

CAL-EDGE-8 front side

Figure 7: CAL-EDGE-8 (front side)

NOTE: If we want to connect device to internet through LAN port, a DHCP server must be installed in the network;

NOTE: Mount antenna on the place with best signal reception possible;

NOTE: Always make sure to screw plug to the header to avoid unintentional disconnection!

NOTE: Device is in normal condition when both LEDS’s are GREEN;

NOTE: Be careful when wiring sensors to device. Improper connection may lead to device damage.

NOTE: Always make sure to screw plug to the header to avoid unintentional disconnection!

** **

CAL EDGE-8 rear side

Figure 8: CAL-EDGE-8 (rear side)

NOTE: When using open-end cables (CAB-SENSOR) double check the connection. Improper connection can damage the device!

NOTE: Power supply voltage also powers connected sensors (choose input voltage required by sensors; commonly that is 24VDC).

Electrical connections

Power supply connection

CAL-EDGE-X device needs 9-24VDC power supply for operation (internal electronics can operate at any voltage within specified range). Power supply voltage also powers connected sensors (choose input voltage required by sensors; commonly that is 24VDC). Connect power supply to labelled terminals ( watch the polarity ) on screw-type phoenix connector.

NOTE: Power supply 24VDC/50W is shipped together with CAL-EDGE device.

NOTE: For CAL-EDGE-8 use input voltage required by used sensors. Commonly that is 24VDC

** **

Figure 9: Power supply adaptor 24VDC/50W

Figure 10: Power supply wiring scheme (CAL-EDGE-8)

Figure 11: Power supply wiring (CAL-EDGE-8)

Antenna connection

Connect antenna to ANT 1 terminal. Antenna is supplied together with CAL-EDGE device. Always position antenna to get best signal reception. Same antenna for CAL-EDGE-0 and CAL-EDGE-8 can be used.

Analog 4 20m a sensors connection

Analog sensors are connected to 4-pin solder type connectors. Connectors are internally wired to 18-bit resolution analog card. Sensor can be supplied through connector, because each connector is internally wired to power supply (24VDC).

Electrical connection

Figure 12: Internal wiring scheme of the analog connectors (CAL-EDGE-8)

Analog signal cable connection

Open-end wires cable connection color code:

  • wire 1: Brown: +24vdc
  • wire 2: White: 0vdc
  • wire 3: Yellow: 4-20mA signal in
  • wire 4: Green: not used


Accessories are used for easier installation of the sensors. We offer extension cables for analog connectors (CAB-AI) and we offer open-end cables (CAB-SENSOR) that are used to connect custom sensors. All sensors that are ordered from us will be shipped with connector already mounted.

NOTE: When using open-end connector (CAB-SENSOR) double check the wiring schematic. Improper connection may damage the CAL-EDGE device.

** **

Figure 13: CAB-AI

Open-end wires cable connection color code:

  • wire 1: Brown: +24vdc
  • wire 2: White: 0vdc
  • wire 3: Yellow: 4-20mA signal in
  • wire 4: Green: not used

Figure 14: CAB-SENSOR

Rs485 fieldbus connection

CAL-EDGE-X device has one standard RS485 2-wire input. Optionally another two RS485 inputs can be added. Supported protocol is MODBUS RTU. Always use appropriate cable (Belden 9841 or equivalent).

Electrical connection

Figure 15: RS485 wiring scheme (CAL-EDGE-8)

Figure 16: MODBUS RTU wiring scheme (CAL-EDGE-0)

Ethernet fieldbus connection

CAL-EDGE-X has one standard RJ45 port used to implement TCP/IP connection. Supported protocol so far are: MODBUS TCP/IP, ADS, OPC UA. CAL-EDGE-X device has configured fixed IP( in case there are not any DHCP servers in the network. If DHCP server is present in the network CAL-EDGE-X device will obtain IP from DHCP server.

This port can also be used to connect device to the internet in case of 4G modem failure or low signal strength.

Electrical connection

Figure 17: MODBUS TCP wiring scheme (CAL-EDGE-8 and CAL-EDGE-0)

Compressor connection

Each air compressor in your system must be interfaced to the CALMS CAL-EDGE-X . Compressor can be monitored through 1- phase current sensor or through power analyzer sensor to 4-20mA or MODBUS input. (8pin screw-type phoenix connector).

Start up procedure

To start using CAL-EDGE device a proper start-up procedure must be done:

  1. Modify the configuration file, using CALMS web application (check the CALMS web application user manual);
  2. Assign device to proper CALMS monitoring system (check the serial number at the bottom of the device);
  3. Add all channels on the CALMS monitoring system (check the configuration file to add proper CS box inputs);
  4. Connect antenna to ANT1 connector on the CAL-EDGE device;
  5. Connect all the analog sensors to the proper analog connector (A1-A8) on theCAL-EDGE-8 device;
  6. Connect all the MODBUS (RTU or TCP/IP) sensors to proper terminals on the CAL-EDGE-8 device;
  7. Plug in the power supply connector and screw the plug into the header in the CAL-EDGE device;
  8. After 10-20 seconds “ON” led (for CAL-EDGE-8) should turn green;
  9. After 5-10 minutes “COMM” led (for CAL-EDGE-8) should turn green;
  10. When the “COMM” led is on device downloads the configuration file from the CALMS web application. Device also checks each hour if configuration file has changed;
  11. Check the CALMS monitoring system if uploaded data is correct. Test sensors with manual measurements.

Optional available equipment

CS-485Modbus RTU industrial grade RS485 / RS422 to CS-Lite USB converter, 12 bit
SML-10Pressure transmitter 0-16 bar 4-20mA, 12 bit
FS10AFlow meter – thermal dispersion, 4-20mA output
CT RS 500A/4-20mACurrent transmitter Rogowski CT 0-500A/20mA
UT-750Ultrasonic vibration detector with 4 -20 mA output
PM-RS 500APower Analyzer with 3x Rogowski CT 500A, MODBUS RTU output
PDP-DEMDew Point sensor Mini with -60 - to +20degC +-2C, 4-20 mA, RS485 Modbus, power supply 24Vdc, aluminium casing, M8 with 5m cable, 1/4” Female Thread measuring chamber, No fittings
C-PT-PSPT100 Temperature probe for wall mount applications with 4-20mA output
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