Setting up your system

Each system must be linked to specific company and its location. If we want to create new CALMS we have to add a new company and location if not already added to the system. Setup contains General, Details, Scheme, Target, Equipment, Channels and Permissions. To enter system setup you have to choose system.

If you have already created a system, then visit the Setup section in our Web interface manual.

Creating new company

Partner can create new company to CALMS.

Go to

  1. Companies and
  2. Add company

to create new company.

Creating new system

Partner can create new Systems to CALMS.

Go to

  1. Systems
  2. Create new system

When you choose create new system you have to chose name, company and Utility. After you fill up everything you press CREATE.

Add new user

2.3.1. Adding user to platform CALMS

Partner is allowed to add new user to CALMS.

Go to

  1. Settings and
  2. Users

to create new user.

NOTE: When creating new user this way user will not be in the system just added to platform. To add a user to system please see below.

Adding user to existing system

When you are adding user to system you have to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a system
  2. Setup
  3. Permissions
  4. Add or invite by email

Before adding new user to the system check if user already exits.

1.If user exists:  Then click on Add in the top right corner and type username.

2.If user doesn’t exists: Then click Invite by email and type email.

5.Send invite (only if there is no user before)


Follow the steps under system setup steps, starting with general, equipment, target, channel and permission page.

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