Checklist : CALMS Audit action plan

CALMS Audit action plan

  1. Select independent expert
  2. Create PI&D system block diagram and Setup Compressed Air system with all details
  3. Start Assessment with Interview, Efficiency and Reliability survey
  4. Measure Power, Pressure and Flow and set baseline KPIs and calculate energy use and costs
  5. Create a system pressure, flow and power profile
  6. Analyze existing compressor(s)
  7. Analyze system controls and implement an effective control strategy
  8. Check service providers, walk through to check for obvious preventive maintenance items and develop CAS maintenance program
  9. Check other opportunities to reduce costs and improve performance (list A_CA_1..16) with action plans
  10. Identify and fix leaks, artificial demand and correct inappropriate uses – start waste management repair
  11. Address point of use issues
    1. Air Quality Requirements
    2. High Pressure Applications
    3. High Volume, Intermittent Applications
    4. Special conditions, process air
  12. Align the supply-side with the demand-side
  13. Communicate to gain support and report results to management
  14. Implement awareness and continuous improvement programs with trainings and ongoing monitoring
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