CALMS support section is here to help you. We hope that Frequently Asked Questions below will help with the most problems. If you can’t find answer to your question feel free to contact us on: info@calms.com

How to invite new end-user, expert to the System?

When you are adding user, expert to system you have to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a system
  2. Setup
  3. Permissions
  4. Add or invite by email

Before adding new user to the system check if user already exits.

1.If user exists:  Then click on Add in the top right corner and type username.

2.If user doesn’t exists: Then click *Invite by email *and type email.

5.Send invite(only if there is no user before)

You can find these answer also inCALMS Web interface manual under section 2.3 Adding user

What is a subscription plan and what types of subscription plans exist?

Each system in CALMS must have a selected subscription plan. The subscription plan is valid for one year. After one year, the subscription plan can be renewed (extended) or the system is automatically locked (disabled) and can no longer be used. Depending on the type of system, the system manager needs to select the correct subscription plan.

When B subscription plan is used?

B subscription (Basic) plan is used when the system is used to:

  • Create a system review
  • Create a leak audit
  • Create an audit (1 month of monitoring without any channel number limitation)
  • Check past data and results

B subscription plan is not used when we have permanent monitoring in the system.

How to perform an audit in the system with a B subscription plan?

When the system manager selects »B« subscription plan for a system a 1 month audit without any channel number limitation can be performed.

One month period starts when the audit is activated by pressing the »Activate until« button in General Setup page:

After one month period, all measurement channels must be disabled (NOT deleted, just disabled) otherwise the system will be locked (disabled) after a few days. The manager of the system also get a notification that there are too many measurement channels in the system.

How to perform a two-month audit?

If a longer audit is to be performed you need to use another »B« credit. When the first one month of unlimited audit expires you just click on Change plan button and selects »B« subscription plan one more time. System will provide you the option to click on »Activate until« button once again.

When a F subscription plan is used?

F subscription plan is used only for Demo systems and other special systems. F subscription plan can be only assigned by the System admin. System manager (partner) cannot select F subscription plan.

When system is subscribed with an F subscription plan there is no limitation at all in the system.

When »XS«,«S«,«M«,«L«,XL« subscription plans are used?

All these subscription plans are used when system is used for a permanent monitoring. Which subscription plan is used depends on a number of measurement channels. Only limitation in these subscriptions plans is a number of measurement channels. See the table for more details.

What to do when the system was subscribed with the wrong subscription plan?

If the system manager has subscribed system with the wrong subscription plan he contacts CALMS support team and explains what is the problem. Usually, that happens:

  • With a new system where the system manager does not know how many measurement channels will be monitored
  • System manager accidentally selects the wrong subscription plan

Billing notifications

CALMS sends notifications to users when next conditions are met:

  • The manager of the system gets a notification one month before the subscription plan expires. The manager has one month to extend the subscription of the system.
  • The manager of the system gets a notification that system has already expired. Manager needs to extend the subscription immediately, because system will be locked in a few days.
  • The manager of the system gets a notification if there is too many measurement channels in the system. For example, if system is on an »S« subscription plan it means that not more than 30 measurement channels can be added.

How to create system and connect edge loggers?

To create system check out Video tutorials

Quick measurement device connection guide for audits with CAL-EDGE-0 and CAL-EDGE-8:



Is it important to fill all the data in Scheme?

Yes. All calculations are based on data that you enter to PID scheme. Data are very important for analysis and audit report and for expert to understand the system.

What is electric motor Power Factor (cos φ) and Efficiency and how to get it?

You can find this data on electric motor nameplate or in the technical documentation of your machine. It is good practice also to measure it.

Power Factor (cos φ)  = True power(kW) / Apparent power(kVA)

Efficiency = Output (kW) / Input(kW)

Efficiency and Power Factor are not the same !

Usually for full loaded power values for cos fi are 0,85 - 0,95. Values for cos fi at unloaded power are 0,4-0,6 .
Typical industrial electric motor Efficiency is from 50-350HP is 0.9

  • 0.96.

How to add compressor detail data ?

Add compressor measured data:

Read compressor settings and measure input voltage, power and read PF (CosFi) on the motor

In the receiver what is the difference between upstream and downstream

volume ?

Upstream receivers are the receivers in the CA room ( normally wet receivers), downstream receivers are the receivers at the production side (usually dry receivers). Some of all receivers must be actual size of all receivers installed in the facility.

How to set correct date and number format ?

When you select your language from CALMS Settings, date format will be automatically in your local format. For English speaking users use English US for MM/DD/YYYY and English Other for DD/MM/YYYY format. Number format decimal dot or comma will be auto detected from your browser setting.

Isentropic efficiency for comparing systems and compressors ?

Isentropic Efficiency (IE) indicates how efficiently a compressor converts electrical energy into compressed air potential energy. The higher the percentage, the better the compressor is at converting electrical energy into compressed air. It’s a simple ratio:

Energy (kW) for the Ideal Compression Process

Isentropic Efficiency (%) =    ————————————————————–

Actual Energy (kW) Consumed

Compressed air system have typical IE around 70%, worst case 50% and best system up to 90%.

Simple calculation for isentropic efficiency for comparing screw compressors, independent from pressure. Isentropic Efficiency normalizes the comparison to simplify the evaluation of efficiency in like sized compressors.

Useful link: https://www.airbestpractices.com/standards/iso-and-cagi/isentropic-efficiency-rotary-screw-air-compressors


Can I use my own local SIM card instead of CALMS SIM card?

You can use your local SIM cards but at your own risk.

Here are some reasons / points why we would really like for all partners to use our sim cards:

  1. You do not have to change SIM card and APN.
  2. Our SIM cards can use multiple network providers. If one fails / loses signal / has a bad signal it can reconnect to another network provider.
  3. Local network providers often have a bad habit of rejecting, throttling or limiting connection if the device is not used with a mobile phone. So this was often a problem for our IOT devices. Also this problem often occurs after some time (a few weeks or a few months) - so you are not able to detect this at the beginning.
  4. Some local network providers forbid usage for IOT or require different contracts.
  5. Our SIM card provider has a contract with all the major networks in almost every country to provide reliable service for IOT devices.
  6. If a connection fails with our sim cards, we can find out the reason why, and we can fix it. If connection fails on your network provider, there is nothing we can do to check why your carrier dropped connection.
  7. Because we cannot discover the full reason why your connection failed we can offer no support on connection issues.

In most cases, the problems will be with the connectivity and the provider, which we don’t have access to if you use local SIM cards.

If you do choose to use your own SIM card, make sure you have enough data. Normally we need volume for about 300MB a month, but we suggest getting 2 GB per month so there is enough for updates.

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