CALMS product documentation

Welcome to our Calms platform documentation space!

CALMS provides a single space for energy utility ongoing optimisation, connecting end-users, experts, service providers, OEMs and ESCO investors.

Platform is specialized for the Compressed Air utility management and extended for other energy utilities such as steam, electricity, natural gas, water and air cooling.

This site contains organized up-to-date documentation, tutorials, and helpful links for the Calms platform. You can access it when you need it right from your working environment on under About/Docs.

Calms is a SaaS provider, and CALMS Air is our industrial compressed air platform product. We also offer subscription-based access to CALMS users.

With Calms, you are the owner of your data. We use your data only to provide agreed-upon services. We handle your data securely, and we comply with privacy and legal regulations. If you leave our services, we make sure that you continue to have ownership of your data.

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